The George & Trudy Gallman Family

We live in Baker, Louisiana, USA

George Gallman,

  • Technology Education Teacher since 1983. 
  • Enjoys computer related stuff, politics, religion, photography, gadgets, and most people.
  • Member of the City of Baker School Board
  • A bit straight forward. 
  • Believes in absolutes. 
  • See my resume, Click here: George Rowland Gallman, Resume - Technology Educator 

Trudy Louise Mack Gallman,

Emma Louise Mack,


  • YOB 1983.
  • Active roll in numerous Baker Little Theater productions.
  • Graduated from, Zachary High School, May 2001.

  • Email:

G. Rowland "RoRo" Gallman II, son

  • YOB 1991. 
  • Very active, strong opinions, likes everything very organized.
  • Enjoyes video games, toy soldiers, legos and being boss.

R. Z. Mack Gallman,

  • YOB 1992. 
  • Academically inclined, gets excited about science and technology.
  • Building strong will, softhearted, desires to be a tough guy.
  • Will be a big fellow. 

Here is a little about us:

George and Trudy Gallman and family live in a town on the edge of Baton Rouge, the capitol city of the state of Louisiana, in the United States.

We enjoy warm winters and suffer the hot summers. We have high humidity and a fair amount of rain. We average 53 to 60 inches of rain each year. We average about 1 inch of snow every 5 years.

The town of BAKER LOUISIANA is a pleasant family town. Lots of churches, many small parks, lots of good people. A place a family could live and many do.

Baker started in 1992 to develop its own school district, the City of Baker School District. The City of BakerSchool District began operating as a seperate "parish" school district  fall of 2003.  It has had its bumps in getting started.   But is doing well and will get better. In Louisiana, independent school districts (non parish or county) are VERY rare and requires a change to the state constitution to form. The former city attorney, Paul Thompson, and several lawyers worked with the former Mayor of Baker, Bobby Simpson and the city council to see this project produce a desirable product.

Trudy and George actively support and promote a Marriage Conference presented by FamilyLife Ministry, i.e. FamilyLife Marriage Conference (Welcome to the FamilyLife). It is the world’s largest, fastest growing marriage enrichment conference.

We are strongly Pro Life as evidenced by our family's choice to adopt 2 children.

Photo below taken at the Buffalo festival parade:  Emma (back), Rowland (front), Mack (middle), George, (standing), Steven (behind George), and Trudy driving.

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